If you want to keep track of your Apartment’s Online Reputation then utilize Gmail and set a Google alert for your Apartment. Then you can track your apartment’s brand and identity by having it shoot you an alert every time something is posted on the web about your Multi-Family Units.

By tracking what’s said on the web about your brand you can be sure to counter act any negative reviews by commenting on them or sending a complaint to the review provider saying there is fowl play going on in your listing.

If you have trouble with removing the review then you can always get more positive reviews to push the negative reviews down. Don’t be discouraged if you have negative reviews on the front page of Google or other search engines when people search your Apartment’s name and instead call ApartmentSEO®, LLC to learn more about how we can help you with these endeavors! Our team specializes in providing online reputation management for apartments, so call now to learn more!