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Social media is an essential part of everyday interactions! Social media brings us together, from communicating with friends and keeping in touch with family to engaging with residents and marketing your multifamily community. While we often think of it as a fun way to pass the time, it should also be considered a vital tool in your marketing plan. So, how do you create an active, thriving social media presence? It would be best to have a stable structure and a social media strategy curated for your community. 


Setting goals and having a clear idea of the content you want to create is a great place to start. Think about the direction you wish your profiles to grow, set tactful targets, and gather content for posting. Studying and analyzing these goals will give your community a purpose on social media and stop you from aimlessly sharing content. 


Choosing the Right Platform

Choosing a platform is just as vital as setting target goals. It is essential not to overwhelm your audience or yourself just for popularity by using every platform. Consider using Twitter and LinkedIn if you are trying to appeal to a business demographic. And in contrast, if you are looking for a modern audience with more engagement, think about using visual platforms such as Instagram. 


If you don’t know where to start, focus on the most commonly used platform: Facebook. It’s used worldwide, with over one billion monthly users. You can reach a wider audience and capture more engagement.  


Posting Content

We recommend planning when it comes to posting content. Take a look at the upcoming month and consider important dates and holidays. Next, think about who your audience is and what they want to see. While you are trying to promote your community, it’s essential to post exciting and engaging content that benefits residents. Social media should be fun, and if you focus too hard on a “sales” voice, you will lose followers who are more interested in apartment living updates and community events. Work to find the perfect balance between informing and engaging, and always remember to respond to comments and questions. 


Using SEO

SEO is an easy and necessary strategy to make your brand stand out on social media. Ensuring your page has all the correct information and consistent high-end content is essential; an incomplete Facebook page with poor imagery will not get traction. Anyone that comes across your posts should easily recognize who you are and what your community offers. Your audience should be intrigued to know more!


Many companies often forget to add personality; in the modern age of transparency, people want to know your company individually. At Apartment SEO, we ensure personalized posts to fit the community’s brand and audience. Give our team a call today for a free consultation and increase your social media presence and engagement!

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