How Your Hours Can Impact Your Leasing

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Make it easy to lease your apartment homes by being available to prospective residents.

When anyone is looking to lease a new apartment, they will want to meet with you, the property manager or a knowledgeable member of your staff to understand everything about each home along with what apartment living will be like in your multi-family community.  Ensuring this is a good experience for them is not that difficult.

Maintain adequate leasing office hours

Everyone leads a busy life in today’s hectic world with little or no time to research new apartments for rent.  To help prospective residents of your available apartment homes it is important that you keep hours that work with those who lead busy and active lifestyles.  Doing this will aid you in keeping all homes in your multi-family community occupied and generating income.

Be Flexible

As mentioned above those looking to move into a new apartment do not have a lot of time to mess around.  To keep individuals and families interested in your available properties you will want to offer flexible timing for any necessary meetings whether you are discussing lease terms or providing a tour.  Could this mean you will work late?  Possibly.  It will also establish a great relationship with new residents of your apartment homes as they will know you care about their needs.

Be Knowledgeable

Anyone moving into a new home, especially in a large community, is going to have a lot of questions for you.  They will want information not only on lease terms but also what is available regarding apartment community amenities, what shopping and other activities are nearby, and an overview of the neighborhood.  No matter when you meet with prospective residents always be patient and understanding; even if it is near the end of your day.


Remember, those looking for a new apartment want someone to be accommodating to their needs and desires.  Being available, flexible, and knowing your community and neighborhood will help you meet their needs.  Should you have any questions or comments on these practices please comment below.

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