If you are a social media marketer for apartments and are not closely using Facebook’s analytics tools like “Insights” then you are sorely limiting your marketing potential. The social media giant recently made the tool easier to access and no longer requires exporting and dealing with tough-to-read spreadsheets.
Facebook’s Insights has become a tool that even the most technologically impaired people can use, so let’s take a quick look at how to use it in order to advance your marketing techniques. 
Admin Page: on the top of your Facebook admin page, there will five tabs: Page, Messages, Notification, Insights and Post. Go to the Insights section. Under that section you will see a general overview of your Facebook pace which shows the number of likes, the amount of people that your posts have reached and the number of people that are being engaged. 
Separately there will be five other categories at the top of the page that breakdown your social activity and hopefully provide valuable marketing information. The tabs are labeled as following:
Likes: this section will breakdown your “Likes” in detail, give you the overall number and how it has improved or declined or a set period of time.
Reach: will show you how important your social media posts are and breakdown the number of people that saw, liked or clicked through on various postings.
Visits: this section will give you a detailed breakdown on the number of people that visited your page and how they got there.
Posts: of course, will breakdown your top posts, and show you how many people they reached, what time your fans checked out the post and a myriad of other details.
People: this section breaks down the age demographic of the people that follow your page and like your post. It will categories visitors and help you find your target audience. 
Dive into your Facebook Analytics today to see how your fan page is doing. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the social media apartment experts today!