While we handle much of the marketing for your multifamily community, your on-site team can find exciting ways to bring prospects to your neighborhood. Let us handle the boring, back-end business while you stir up some buzz in and around your community. Keep reading to find out how!


Amp Up The Excitement on Your Tours

After giving an abundance of tours every day, they might start to lose a little bit of their excitement. Find new ways to make prospects interested in your community. Think about the tours that you have personally enjoyed for example, an amusement park attraction like the Universal Studios Backlot tour, and adapt it for your own presentation. Come up with some fun and memorable moments that will make your community stand out! Fill the fridge of your model unit with snacks and refreshments to offer your guests a little treat. Everyone loves free stuff, especially when it’s food, so this is a fun way to ensure that people remember your tour. 


Host a Giveaway or Contest

Contests and giveaways are a great way to amp up the excitement of touring apartments! After each tour, let the prospect know that they have earned a raffle ticket to earn something exciting, like a gift card. At the end of the month, you can pull one raffle ticket and reward someone just for touring your community. This reward system will encourage more people to tour and even possibly return for a refresher. 


Get Social

While our social team can handle your posting, you can continue to post timely updates to your Instagram and Facebook stories directly from your community as they occur. Or, if you want to be super hip, set up a TikTok! Social posts and stories can engage a completely different community and afford you the opportunity to show off how fun and exciting your neighborhood is. 


Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, the more fun it is, the more prospects you will reach. Continue to show your beautiful community off while we handle your digital media strategies. Do you have any questions about marketing your community? Ask away in the comments below.