How To Run a TikTok At Your Property

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Brand recognition is paramount to your community’s success as a property manager. Building your brand involves various aspects, including knowing the next prosperous social platform; it’s an ongoing, ever-growing process. The more high-quality content you have out there, the greater your brand will become, and the more influence you can create with prospective renters. 


The next big platform to post to is TikTok, a viral sensation that many communities already utilize. It is one of the most dynamic and trendy new methods to build your brand and show off all your community offers. 


Why You Should be Using TikTok

Like Instagram and numerous other social media platforms, TikTok allows you to create brief videos using a wide variety of filters as well as visual and sound effects. With updated timing features, you can now create a sixty-second video touring the community and its exterior and interior amenities, apartment floorplans, and even showcase your team! 


One crucial element to remember when using TikTok is building your brand and increasing your influence. In the beginning, it may seem as though your page is a form of entertainment. But, before thinking the worst, this is a pivotal aspect to building your community and awareness. The last thing you want is to come off as a “salesperson.” You can potentially turn users off and, in the end, receive less engagement than your competitor. 


However, when you do it right and entice users, you’ll build your brand and community awareness. You’ll be able to draw more engagement to your brand that will eventually grow more and more over time.


Creating TikTok videos of the everyday adventures in your office is a great way to show off your team. You can highlight birthday parties, your leasing office, and awards. Get your internal team in on the action and make a video of a currently trending silly dances. 


Expanding Your Social Media Brand on TikTok

We at Apartment SEO highly encourage property managers and their teams to set up a TikTok to show off their community. By increasing your community’s awareness, you can grow your brand. It’s also an excellent way to expand your reach and clientele. Unfortunately, due to TikTok’s policies and regulations, it is difficult for outside agencies to handle any one page. It would also be a challenge to receive videos from management at the property, create, and then upload them onto the platform. However, this should not stop you from creating your own and growing on various social mediums. 


Give our team at Apartment SEO a call for a free consultation on your social media needs and more!

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