The Importance of Community Events

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Community events are more than just a fun way to get to know your residents; they boost the sense of unity that creates a positive environment. In addition, residents who are comfortable with their neighbors can lead to less turnover, increasing resident retention. Discover how you can slowly ease your community back into the norm with fun resident events

Why Community Events Matter

Higher resident engagement for events can lead to greater resident satisfaction, which can help the community’s renewal rate. Planning an event is beneficial as your residents will discover how much your team cares. Events will encourage residents to come out of their shells, create a buzz of excitement, and increase engagement both within and outside the community. When a leasing team invests time and energy in an event, it shows the residents that their management team is keeping their happiness in mind at all times.

With the current situation the world is in, you can start exploring hybrid events such as craft events, cooking classes, and mixology experiences, all virtually. They give residents the option of participating in person or from the comfort of their homes. Hybrid events can provide a sense of ease for those who are not open to in-person social gatherings yet but still want to get involved with the community. 

You can also consider throwing multiple events on the same day to avoid residents coming all at once; time-blocked events help residents sign up for a preferred time, lowering the number of gathered people at once.

Using Social Media Marketing Strategies

Your social media page should spotlight the exciting things in your community, like resident events! It’s one thing to talk about how fun your neighborhood is, but it’s a whole new level of engagement to show it! Pictures from resident events are great to utilize on your social media pages, as long as you have each resident’s permission to utilize photographs of them. You can also use your social media pages for advertising your upcoming events! Create an event and start sharing it, posting about it, and inviting residents to it. If the event is open to the public, such as an open house day, a Facebook event can reach new prospective residents. We also recommend starting an event log and tracking your resident engagement online. Following your social media traction will help you decide which events were a hit and which will require more planning for next year. Consider starting on one platform, creating effective engagement with residents and leads, then sprouting to multiple platforms. 

Are you still wondering how to ease your community into resident events? Give our experts at Apartment SEO a call for a free consultation!

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