Reputation Management and the Power of “Anonymous”

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Reputation Management

In our grandparent’s day, reputation management was a little more personal than it is today. If patrons didn’t like how a business was performing, they could usually track down the owner fairly easily and tell them to their face. Wince. While it might have been a little confrontational, at least the buyer felt like they had a say in how they were treated, and whether or not the products and services being offered were doing what they promised. The best part of this face-to-face exchange? The business owner knew exactly what was on their customer’s mind and could make an informed decision on what action to take next.

Nowadays, reputation management for apartments is a little more stealth. Now, there’s this thing called the Internet and someone named “Anonymous” is out there wreaking havoc, also known as “offering feedback.”

In property management, knowing what’s on your resident’s mind is crucial to attracting and maintaining a community full of happy residents. While the resident might march into the leasing office to express their concerns, many times that feedback comes in the form of a quiet vacancy, several months later. Meanwhile, there were reviews – both good and bad about your community, which you never even knew were out there.

At Apartment SEO, we eliminate the need for Anonymous to be so, well – anonymous, with a preventative and proactive Reputation Management Program, empowering you to make informed decisions and give your resident a voice.

Anonymous really just wants to be heard, and really – you want to listen! The fact is, 87% of renters say that reviews impacted their decision to lease. Reviews matter. But how to manage them? Who has the time, the platform, or the staff to manage all these comments and reviews? We do!

Here’s what Reputation Management by Apartment SEO looks like:

  • We proactively manage your reviews so you can take back your reputation and continue to build and maintain a community of HAPPY RESIDENTS!
  • We post your responses across all platforms including Google, Yelp, Facebook and Apartment ILS’s.
  • We design custom responses to every single message and review, eliminating the risk of an emotional reply.
  • We create feedback email campaigns and keep the lines of communication open.
  • Our staff is trained and well-versed in Fair Housing policies, letting you breathe a sigh of relief.

We know! It’s almost like we’re living “back in the day,” only better.

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