Boost Your Apartment Communities SEO with These 9 Action Steps

SEO for apartments

1) Focus on keywords that are semantically tied to apartments. These words include living, home, life, loft, residents, residences, residential, renovated and many more. This will help you avoid keyword stuffing in Google’s eyes and increase the quality of your content overall.

2) Make your content shareable with others in the Multifamily Industry through a Q and A blog. Find the most influential minds in the multifamily industry and have them share their story. Lots of times they will link back to you because the content mentions them.

3) Find sources of quality links over quantity of links. Great examples of quality links are from Apartment Associations, city specific websites like and always remember to link back to relevant communities in the same city too.

4) Double check your mobile or responsive website on all smart phones and tablets to ensure the user experience is easy to navigate and words or letters aren’t being cut off.

5) One of the most overlooked tactics and easiest to implement is your title tags. Make your title tag as relevant as possible. Don’t just target Apartments in City, ST because you want to make sure to add very specific descriptors. Examples include luxury, urban, eco-friendly, high-rise and other long tail search terms which may set you apart, while you try and rank for more competitive search terms like City Apartments. Also don’t forget about your h1, meta description and alt image tags too.

6) Besides having localized home page content of about 200-300 words, also make sure to add other nearby city or destination pages. If your find a lot of your new leases come from a local college then create a page about what college life is like when you live at XYZ Community. An example URL structure would be

7) Dispose of any duplicate content on your site. This should be a quick fix and will help boost rankings significantly.

8) Make your website’s navigation easy to use. Is your phone number showing right when you come to the home page? Is it easy to submit an application or email form and have you actually tested the email lead form yourself to make sure it works properly? Make sure all of your links are working correctly and note which ones are broken, so you can set up 301 redirects.

9) Improve your overall site’s performance by increasing your sites speed by reducing image file sizes, improving code to text ratio and by increasing the time people spend on your site. On average for apartment websites the average time on site is about 2-4 minutes.

These 9 action steps will have you on your way to improving your apartment communities SEO. If you have any questions or need help now, with your communities SEO then call the professionals at Apartment SEO for a free Digital Marketing Analysis today!

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