The apartment industry is extremely competitive, so your company should always be looking for an edge. Investments in advertising, staffing, and apartment upgrades are all necessary to stay competitive. One investment that too often goes overlooked is your reputation. Your reputation is everything, and you need a reputation management firm on your side.

When people start considering a new area, the first thing they look for is an apartment. They will read through apartment listings and drive by various apartment buildings. Before they even schedule a tour, they will look at rating sites. Apartment Ratings and Yelp listings receive traffic from people that are looking for an apartment. Some studies show that ninety percent of people choose to read ratings online before they commit to an apartment. This can be a helpful part of the process, but it could also sink your apartment community.

You have little control over what gets posted on your Yelp or Apartment Ratings profile. One bad incident or a crafty competitor can sink your community’s reputation. You do control how you react. A reputation management firm can help you. They will monitor your online profiles for bad ratings. If a rating looks weird, they will immediately report that rating. If a rating is legitimate, then they can help your react. A great firm will even help you bring in positive ratings, so your company can keep the rating high. If you want a great reputation, then you must hire a reputation management firm.

Your complex must have a reputation management firm working with you. The stakes are simply too high for your reputation to be damaged. Other communities will resort to sly tactics to damage your rating, and one disgruntled residents can permanently impact your business. You want to attract families to your community, so hire an agency to take care of it for you!

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