Tips to Keep Your Leasing Agents Happy

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As a property manager, you work hard to make your multifamily community as successful as possible. From improvements in curb appeal to ensuring that your apartments have all the right upgrades, you know exactly what to do to keep residents happy, but are you doing enough to keep your leasing agents happy? At the end of the day, it’s your staff that will make or break a deal, and the happier they are at work, the more likely they are to put in the work. Keep reading to find out how you can ensure their satisfaction.


Fair Commission and Compensation

Let’s face it; money is an important part of why leasing agents do their job. If an employee feels like they are being undervalued, they will not put their best foot forward. Start with fair pay that shows your team members they are valued. Even though you are most likely paying them commission, they shouldn’t have to rely on leasing a certain amount of units to stay afloat with their personal finances. When possible, make sure the wages you offer are competitive and align with living expenses in your region. If they are offered a low wage that tells your employees their position is not valued. Next, consider a fair way to payout commission. The higher percentage or amount they receive, the harder they will work for that lease. Also, try to find ways to pay out their renewals as well since it takes effort to keep residents happy and to get them to resign their lease.


Create a Happy and Healthy Environment

Since your employees spend at least eight hours a day in your leasing office, it’s essential that you craft a space where they are set up for success. Take a look around the office and see what changes you can make to help the team feel happy. Bright lighting, inviting decor, and some upbeat music is a great way to keep the energy flowing. Remember, your leasing office isn’t just there to impress prospective residents; it’s also the workplace of your employees, so be sure to keep them in mind at all times. 


Don’t Forget to Reward the Good

As a manager, you typically expect your employees to do well and consistently do their job. You may, in fact, find that you rarely reach out to your team unless something is wrong, and this can greatly impact morale. Just as you quickly and efficiently address any issues that occur, be sure to respond to the good things that your team does as well. If your employees only see you as the bearer of bad news, it can cause tension to build as well as a separation between you. 


Your leasing team is awesome, and it’s essential that you remind them how appreciated they are. By offering fair commission and compensation, creating a happy and healthy environment, and rewarding the good, you can keep your on-site team happy. Do you have any questions about these tips? Ask away in the comments below. 


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