The Importance of Instagram for Apartment Marketing


Every year, a new wave of young renters are entering the market to search for an apartment. With so many of them searching and so much competition everywhere, how do you possibly gain visibility and effectively market your awesome apartment to such a key demographic? Instagram.

It has become the largest growing social platform that has a reach of 500 million active users. Imagine what you could do with that, especially if your apartment is in a big city. With Instagram’s new features, they have made it even easier for any business to come in, set up an account, and start reaching a targeted audience to expand their brand’s awareness because the biggest enemy to any business is obscurity. With that said, here are 4 reasons why your apartment homes need to get on Instagram right now.


Perhaps one of the most important features for effectively marketing an apartment is the geo tag. You might have noticed that sometimes photos have those little blue words on top that name a city or place. Those little blue words are really your opportunity to further your reach in your community. If you do it consistently, guess what the first post will be when they tap on that geo tag? You guessed it, yours!

Virtual tours

For some people, it might not be possible to go check out all the apartment tours so make it easier on them by showcasing any amenities, events, and important features that would make your apartments an excellent home for them. It also provides a great user experience, which is always a good thing!

Business account

You want your page to look as legit and as clean and crisp as possible because you will only get a couple seconds when people come to your page so make sure that your page is always portraying its best. One great way to ensure that is to switch to a business profile. What this does is it allows you to put a contact button, your apartment’s location, and it allows you to look at your page’s analytics (more on this later). If you’re still confused as to what this may look like, here’s an example of our Instagram page set to a business profile.


Instagram ads

You’re probably already familiar with Facebook ads and are probably using them to expand your reach, now you can do the same in a new platform only now you’ll have the analytics to allow to get even more honed in to your target market. How valuable would it be to have a tool that can bring you targeted leads?

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