Stay In the Know About Your Competitors

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Know what competing properties offer to help lease homes first 

As a property manager, the goal is to permanently fill available apartment homes before the competition can take prospective residents. Staying aware of what surrounding apartment homes offer is a great way to ensure more residents at your property.

Find where the competition is listing their available properties

There are many different facets where property managers like yourself can showcase available apartment homes. By keeping track of both where you advertise and where your competitors are, you can easily monitor what they are doing to attract new residents and how you can match or compete with what they provide.

Be aware of what competing communities offer to residents

There are a plethora of multifamily properties, particularly in larger cities. So, to be able to lease your apartments before others, you need to understand your competition offers and how your property can be put against all of the rest. Ask yourself, what floor plans do they have available? What floorplans are wanted more in your area? 

Do you offer community amenities, like a pool or fitness center, that the competition cannot match? Are your lease rates competitive? Is it better than other places, considering what you offer? Knowing these answers can help ensure leasing homes first. 

Know what community services others are providing

Individuals or families often want to know what types of services a multifamily community and apartment management team provide. They may desire services like 24/7 onsite maintenance, package services for late deliveries, covered parking, a courtesy patrol for improved home security, and much more. If you offer these services, and your competitors do not, it gives you an edge on getting your apartments filled.

Therefore, always remember that attracting residents and filling your apartment homes before the competition, is the best way to ensure that the property owner stays happy with the services provided. 

If you have questions or input about best practices, please comment below.  

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