Your residents are the heart and soul of your community! While everything you do at work is ultimately for them, it’s important to remind them that they are appreciated. By hosting events or giveaways, you can make your residents feel warm and welcome, which is a great way to ensure they renew once lease renewal approaches. Keep reading for some fun ideas. 


Goody Bags

While community events are still discouraged, you can continue to reward your residents for their commitment to the community. Consider making goody bags that you can either give out from the office or leave on doorsteps. You can choose the theme based on the seasons or even upcoming holidays. With summer just around the corner, you could do a fun in the sun gift bag with sunscreen, sunglasses, and a reusable water bottle. Be sure to have your logo printed on all of these items for some free advertising. 


Breakfast on the Go

Everyone loves free stuff, especially food! Choose a day once a month to offer free breakfast to your residents as they head out the door. While you can choose something relatively cheap like donuts from a local small business, the payoff in terms of resident satisfaction will be immense; this is also a great time to interact with the residents and show them your smiling, friendly faces. 



Raffles are a fun way to get residents involved with your team! You can make the rules as simple as, “stop by the office for your free raffle ticket to win a $10 gift card.” By doing this, you will have your residents’ interest and engagement until you announce the winners. These small giveaways can go a long way in showing residents that they are appreciated. 


While you appreciate your residents every day, don’t forget to find ways to show your appreciation as well. Do you host other appreciation events in your community? Tell us about them in the comments below.