New Year’s Resolutions for Property Managers

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The new year is almost here, and 2021 holds endless possibilities for all of us! On a personal note, you have probably decided on a list of resolutions such as eating healthier, learning an instrument, or maybe exercising more, but have you created new year resolutions as a property manager? Keep reading to discover some great goals to set for you and your community. 


Support Your Employees

Let’s face it; this year has been challenging for everyone, especially employees. Make it your priority to offer them a fresh start in the new year. During 2020 it’s only probable that things may have gotten a bit off track, and perhaps the strong bonds you built with your employees fell apart with remote work, time away from the office, or even COVID scares. Start anew this year and offer more support than ever. Remember, your employees stuck with you through thick and thin, and they deserve your respect and appreciation. 


Connect With Residents

Because this year made it difficult to host resident events or even tour your prospects, that might be a small disconnect between your community. Find ways this year to connect or reconnect with all of your residents. While it is expected that things might remain virtual for quite some time, create fun and innovative ways to connect with others. You can still host virtual movie nights or even community Bingo over Zoom. However you see fit for your specific community, take the time to reconnect and build stronger connections. 


Invest in Tech

Now that you know how quickly your marketing plan can be thrown off the road by a pandemic take the time to create a foolproof strategy based on tech. Because many of us were forced to improvise once the virus hit, we didn’t set things in stone or develop permanent solutions, but now is our time to do just that. Consider how you would have handled things differently had you known, and start developing a game plan based on that. Invest in the tech to help residents tour remotely, pay rent online, and even connect with each other. Once you have your tech up and running, you will feel confident knowing that should something ever happen again, you and your team can stay safe working remotely while knowing that the tech is handling the rest. 


Now that you have the time to look back on the year and reflect on the things that need improving create goals for yourself that reflect just that. Do you have any questions about new year’s resolutions for property managers? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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