As you get ready to return to the office, you may be experiencing an abundance of mixed emotions. We get it, the last few months have been trying for just about everyone, and you probably didn’t have any time off while working remotely. It was difficult for you to see your tenants struggle and to shut down the beloved amenities that your community proudly offers. Through this struggle, though, it is essential to remember that you work in an industry that you love, one that provides for the people. Keep reading to fall back in love with your line of work!


Think About the Things You Love 

There are many aspects of your job that you do that you might love, and some you might not. Focus on the things you enjoy and find new ways to enjoy them. Perhaps you love being social but don’t like doing paperwork. See if you and your coworkers can come up with a system where you do the tours, and they do the paperwork. Find things about your job that you love and keep doing ‘em! Or, find new ways to love the things you don’t enjoy. Rather than approaching that paperwork with a lousy attitude, implement ways to make this task fun. So, as you return to the office, focus on the things you love and find ways to make the other tasks more enjoyable. 


Celebrate Your Achievements

Every single day there are little things to celebrate. Although it recently feels like there is more bad news than usual, celebrate every small victory to give yourself a boost. Got a new lease? Celebrate it! Got a lease renewal? Celebrate it! Make every little moment count.

Encourage the Team

Let’s face it; we spend more time with our coworkers than just about anyone else. The people that you surround yourself with can significantly impact your outlook, so make sure that you and your team support and encourage each other. Even if you are not particularly close with your coworkers, be sure to find ways to bond with them and make your work environment one where everyone can thrive. 


So as you begin to return to work, focus on the reasons why you love your job! By taking the time to celebrate your achievements and encourage your team, you can be sure that you will continue to love your job or even find new ways to love it. Have any other advice? Share it with us in the comments below.