How You Can Reduce the Stress of Move-In

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Make the move-in process easy on new community residents with these great tips

Moving day is an incredibly stressful time for both you and any prospective renter in your multi-family community.  To ensure everything goes as it should you will want to be completely prepared each time you rent out a new apartment.

Develop a Good Relationship with New Community Residents

As a property manager, you will hopefully meet new renters several times prior to their move-in date.  Establishing a good relationship with them can make life a lot easier for everyone.

First, you will want to keep an open mind about the move-in process.  While this can be stressful for you, moving can be much more stressful for new apartment community residents.

Second, you will want to ensure apartment home renters know you will be fair in all interactions with them in everything from maintenance service requests on their individual homes to any specific community rules.  This will keep all parties happy.

Let Residents Know the Community is Important to You

New residents in your apartment community should know that each home is important to you and the client you represent.  Clearly spelling out what is and is not permitted regarding modifying the home along with a good understanding of the usage of available community amenities and their care will aid in keeping everyone happy.

Clearly Spell Out Lease Terms

Lease terms on multifamily properties can vary widely, meaning new residents may not fully understand yours initially.  Clearly spelling out terms including rent due date, security deposit terms, and even any specifics on allowing friends or family members to stay in their apartment homes.  When your new community residents are well-versed in your unique leasing terms and conditions it will help avoid unpleasant interactions between you and your residents.


Always remember that moving day is stressful for new multi-family community residents.  Being patient and clearly outlining everything involved will help establish and maintain good relationships in your apartments.  Questions or suggestions? Please comment below!

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