Tomorrow is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (5/21/2020); this is a big day for people across the planet, across the country, and even across your neighborhood. More than one billion people across the globe with disabilities and impairments are often unable to utilize web resources since their needs aren’t often taken into consideration during development. When people with disabilities struggle to gain access to the technology they need, they can feel excluded and discouraged. This day’s ultimate goal is to get people thinking, talking, and learning about the inclusion of people with disabilities.


What is Digital Accessibility?

Consider for a moment that you are deaf, trying to utilize an informative video that does not have subtitles, or blind trying to use a resource that does not have read-aloud capabilities. If this were the case, you would be unable to make the most of the resources at hand. Digital accessibility offers a first-rate user experience to everyone, regardless of their disabilities, and ensures that everyone receives the same outcome from the products. 


What are Some Common Impairments?

People who are blind require alternative text descriptions and interactive keyboard elements rather than mouse dictated. Those who are deaf or hard of hearing need video captioning and visual indicators rather than audible ones. Alternative keyboard, eye control, and adaptive hardware are essential for those with motor impairments. And, an uncluttered screen, consistent navigation, and plain language are helpful for those with cognitive disabilities.


How is ASEO Involved?

Here at ApartmentSEO®, our employees are trained to ensure that our websites are accessible for all. Our CTO, Martin Canchola is a strong advocate for making the web more accessible for everyone, “I believe everyone should have access to the web, no matter their disability or adversity. By making the web accessible to everyone, we are able to create a more inclusive internet!” This statement is something that we take to heart and truly live by at ApartmentSEO®. 


How Can You Help?

Tomorrow, and every day, be sure that you are doing your part to include everyone and offer accessible resources to all. There are plenty of online resources available to help you get started as well as virtual events to attend. You can even host an event to encourage others to take the same course of action as you. However you decide to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, be sure that you are doing your part and contact ApartmentSEO® to make sure that your website is ADA compliant.