Fair Housing Training for Maintenance Teams

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Fair Housing Training for Maintenance Teams

When it comes to Fair Housing training in the Multifamily Industry, it’s often property managers and leasing professionals who come to mind. However, it’s essential to also train your maintenance team about the importance of compliance. Keep reading to find out the vital things for your crew to know.


Socializing and Side Jobs

We get it; when you see the same people every day at work, it’s easy to become acquainted with them and actually enjoy their company, but for maintenance workers, socialization with residents outside of work is a huge no-no; this can cause a lot of issues with favoritism and even be considered harassment. The best way to avoid this issue is to not socialize and to keep things professional. The same goes for side jobs; while you might want to help a resident move or fix things that aren’t your job, you are putting yourself at risk should anything happen. Stay clear of doing anything that isn’t work-related or strictly your job.


Maintenance Requests

As a maintenance worker, you will often find yourself inside other peoples’ homes which can place you in a strange and delicate position. Small talk may arise, and a simple joke or statement can get you in a lot of trouble. To avoid this issue completely, we highly recommend having your maintenance team do fair housing training to ensure that everyone is aware of what you can and can’t say to a resident.


Reasonable Modifications

When someone moves into your community with a disability, they may ask for a reasonable accommodation, like lowering the sink or handrails in the shower. As a maintenance worker, you will most likely be the one handling the modification, so it’s best to know what you can and can’t do. With a basic understanding of Fair Housing, you can go into the situation confident that you know what’s best to do and say.


Many issues can be avoided with some simple, fair housing training, and while you might not want to take your maintenance team away from their work, it’s best in the long run. Do you have any questions about fair housing training for your maintenance team? Ask away in the comments below.


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