Faded Jeans, Websites, and Happy Residents

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Websites can feel like a favorite pair of jeans – they’re worn, faded, and frayed, but hey – they’re comfortable. Sure, maybe they’re a little out of style, but no one is looking that close, are they? Why fix what isn’t that broken?

Websites, when done well, should tell the unique story of your property and/or management company, engage your prospective resident, and give them a sense of what it’s like to actually live there. If the website leads to a signed lease and a happy, long-term resident, it’s fulfilled its purpose to perfection.

If, however, the bullets below sound like your website, your comfy pair of jeans is directly impacting your ROI:

  • Your property isn’t appearing under keyword searches or it’s so far down on the page, prospects can’t find it. Dejected, hurt and confused, they go to your competition’s page.
  • The page takes so long to load, it’s faster to write the information out in fancy cursive.
  • Links are broken or leading to content that’s no longer relevant or accurate, leaving prospects to wander around aimlessly – right to your competition’s page.
  • It’s not optimized for mobile use, causing widespread rumors that your community doesn’t allow cell phones.
  • There’s no call to action anywhere in the copy. (Everyone likes to be told what to do on a website, even if they’re very self-sufficient people.)
  • The copy sounds like a lifeless brochure with the word “luxury” peppered throughout, accompanied by photos that don’t exactly represent the luxurious lifestyle.
  • Your vacancy rate is at an all-time high.

Don’t let an ineffective, antiquated website keep you from the residents who want to find you!

New jeans, same comforts.

You don’t have to keep suffering through your old website just because it’s what you’re comfortable with. Apartment SEO can redesign your website with fresh, SEO-optimized content, new photos and graphics, and get your website ranking at the top of the Google searches.

New jeans, same old comforts, a full community of happy residents.

How’s that for comfy?

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