Have you heard of Google’s latest update? Google now helps users analyze why their results are displaying based on the words they entered. Google is providing multiple reasons for rankings under your search results. This new and beneficial innovation is in addition to their feature launched back in February, “about this result feature.” This attribute originated to help users learn more about their search result listings before they actually clicked on links. 

With this new update, Google Search now lists:

  • When and if links from other websites influenced the ranking. 
  • When the results had related images. 
  • When the terms match the web page. (Although this may show related terms, it may not offer direct matches.) 

Many Google users can also find tips to refine the query if the results are not what they wanted.  

How To Search For Better Results

Curious how to narrow your results? Hover over the suggested tips to see if there are better ways to word what you are aiming for. For example, items and phrases will be underlined within the new tip box; by hovering over these tips, you can check for ways to refine and get better results. 

There will be nine different “factors” for why pages displayed are ranking. The most common factors are:

  1. Search terms that appear in the result: HTML can now determine your search queries. 
  2. Search terms related to your search: anything related to your original search will be displayed, essentially taking synonyms into account. 
  3. Other websites with your search terms linked to this result: Links and searched terms will be taken into account for better results. 

The Future of Google

Ready for even more Google updates and tricks? Google is rolling out a new feature that tells searchers why Google ranks your result page for your search. By doing so, Google will give you high-level ranking factors, narrowed queries, and better outcomes.


Are you excited yet? We know we are! With newer and better ways to enhance your SEO appearance comes better-qualified website traffic that will eventually lead to new residents through your door.