Land Leases by Attracting Renters with Your Amenities

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Attracting Renters

In the multifamily world, having over-the-top amenities can be considered “apartment goals”. However, offering smart, in-demand amenities is the key to attracting renters. Below are some of the easy, smart and inexpensive ways you can gain an edge over your multifamily competitors:


Have you noticed more and more apartments are becoming pet-friendly? That’s because it’s a HUGE market that simply can’t be ignored. Even if you are anti-dog, perhaps you’re pro cat? Rank at the top of search engines when people search for pet-friendly apartments in their area.


Are your competitors pet-friendly? Kick it up a notch by offering a pet-spa! Most apartment communities will have at least 1 or 2 areas that can be converted into something more useful. If most of your residents have pets, getting rid of one amenity in favor of one in demand simply makes sense. Attracting renters is easy when you give the people what they want!


This seems to be the rage these days. No, you don’t need to solar panels, all you need is energy efficient appliances, fluorescent light-bulbs and highlighting your going green efforts, such as being a strawless community. Who would have thought going green would earn you more green? It’s win-win!


No, you don’t need to break the bank in order to make your apartments more “tech-friendly”. Something as simple as outlets with USB charging ports is all it takes. Would you want to miss out on a lead just because they don’t have a place to charge all their apple products? Heck no!

More Storage Space

Apartments may be getting smaller, but storage space is increasing. Studies show that millennials are willing to sacrifice living space as long as they have enough storage space to put away all in their belongings in an uncluttered manner. More storage = more leases!

Bike Storage

As we previously stated, renters love storage. With that said, they don’t want their bicycle taking up their precious apartment space. Provide the solution to their problem by installing visually appealing bike racks within the community or offering bike storage. What are you waiting for? Wheel in those leads.

Taco Trucks

The beauty of this amenity is that it comes to you! Simply contact local food trucks and schedule a high-traffic day for the food truck to show up. In most cases, you won’t get charged. It’s mutual cross-promotion at its finest. Residents love the convenience of easily accessible food (Uber Eats, Post Mates) and you get to highlight it as an attraction/amenity. Taco Tuesday anyone?

Feeling Pampered

Little things matter. Simply having a table with water, coffee, bagels, etc. in the leasing office/front desk goes a long way. Many times, residents are rushed in the mornings and if you can brighten their morning with a simple offering, the payoff will be worth it. Happy residents will tell their friends and word of mouth will keep you at capacity, even during the slower months!

Whether you are a brand-new apartment community or a seasoned community that has recently made renovations, attracting renters with your amenities is essential. Contact us today and we will make sure you are popping up in search engines for all your target keyword phrases!

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