ASEO Case Study for SEO and PPC in Austin, TX

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10/01/2019 To 2/29/2020


Client’s Story

We had a new community in Austin, TX who needed to boost traffic fast. At the same time, their organic traffic from Google was gradually tanking. They decided to partner with Apartment SEO on SEO and PPC services to improve their digital footprint in the major metro area of Austin, TX. 


The challenge they faced was a lack of foot traffic coming through the door. They didn’t have a Google Ads campaign and their Google My Business along with their website wasn’t bringing the organic traffic needed to meet their occupancy goals. 


Apartment SEO recommended a decent Google Ads budget of around $1,000 which by no means is a lot of money for Austin. We still had to work within the allotted budget we were provided but that didn’t stop us from delivering the web traffic needed to be successful. We set up two different Google Ads Campaigns: A Search Ads and Remarketing Ads Campaign to ensure we capture the interest funnel and buyers funnel. We focused our keyword strategy around Northwest Austin to hyperfocus the spend for the most relevant traffic. We also targeted a few smaller areas nearby where we knew other prospects could be. 

Then for SEO, we worked on the website to improve user performance metrics like load times, bounce rates, and average page load time the user experience overall. Then our team worked on the Google My Business page to ensure it was optimized properly and ensure all the features of GMB are being utilized from the Google Q&A to Google Posts. 

By utilizing a mix of both paid and organic SEO, we were able to get the community in a healthy position and their leasing trend did a complete 180. 


Google Organic Rankings went from No Rankings to an Average Ranking of 53.55

Google Map Rankings went from No Rankings to an Average Ranking of 48.33

Website Load Time Average of 8.3 Seconds to 4.99 Seconds

Website Bounce Rate Average of 65% to 27.81% 


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