Google is constantly making changes to the way they do things. From the Panda Update to Penguin and now organic searches, it seems like it is one thing after another with them. Do you really know what type of impact the new changes are going to have on your Google Adwords campaign? To help you understand what these changes are going to mean for 3rd party property managers and apartment owners, keep on reading!

Search engine results are constantly changing. Things like the news, videos, images and more have all played a role in what ad is going to appear first in the results. It used to be that paid advertisements were on the right-hand side of the screen when users searched for information, but that isn’t the case now. Ads are now going to appear along the top part of the screen. However, only the top four ads are going to appear here. The last 3 paid ads will be pushed to the bottom of the page.

If you are wondering why Google is doing this, the answer is quite simple: to improve the desktop user’s experience just like the mobile user’s experience. With more people browsing the Web on their phone, they are looking to make the experience more pleasant and appealing in the same way for desktop search results. This makes your desktop experience appear almost like your mobile search experience. The whole point is to provide the searcher with the best possible search experience out there.

Unfortunately for apartment owners and 3rd party property management companies, who rely on a lower ad position like position 5-7, this could end up hurting their communities if not executed properly and lower their click through rate. If you want to boost traffic, you are going to have to focus your marketing efforts on top paid search ad positioning from 1-4, along with SEO to help get your community to be seen on the Google search results as much as possible.