Who Keeps Updating My Apartments Google My Business (GMB) Listing?

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When presenting at The Multifamily Social Summit on Google My Business (GMB): Why It Matters More Than Ever, a common question emerged. Why have there been automatic updates, manual updates, and other attributes being selected by unauthorized users online on my GMB account? 

However, too frequent inconsistencies with your GMB listing can create a major decrease in your online appearance. For example, if a prospective resident came to the office and it was closed. But GMB said you were open, that would make for a horrible user experience. Which could cause a user online to make recommendations or suggestions for your GMB listing. Changes could also be from accessibility and wheelchair access as well. Thus, having consistent GMB updates is vital to keeping a thriving online appearance.

Changes to GMB That Can Alter Overall Data

A change to your GMB listing that can greatly affect data is a change to your tracking numbers. If a user updates your tracking number with your local number, this could throw off your attribution overall. Staying on top of your GMB data can be daunting, especially if you are managing multiple communities/portfolios. Utilizing the GMB dashboard will allow you to see all your communities at a high level and look out for alerts and pending updates. As of now, they do not send direct messages or emails. If you have an issue, you must log in to your GMB dashboard to review it. 

Another important item that can greatly alter data is Categories. If there were changes to your category to something less relevant, this could hurt your local Google rankings. Your Primary Category will always carry the most weight and sticking with the go-to categories such as Apartment Building, Apartment Complex and Apartment Rental Agency would be ideal for search results. 

Highlighting Attributions to Better Display Your GMB

To show important Attributes you want to highlight on your GMB, it is pivotal to have the same information on your website and/or landing page as well. If your community is Wheelchair Accessible, then list this in text form and add the Fair Housing logo on your website as well. The more information you give on GMB, the more Google can verify your Attributes online. By doing so will be the best way to combat other online users updating your GMB listing. However, you will have to review your GMB dashboard on a daily basis until an alert system is created by Google for your own changes to stick to and to remain consistent. 

What or Who Else Can Make Changes to Your GMB

Third-party applications may also alter your GMB listing without your consent such as Yext and Mozlocal. Keep tabs on all Managers and Owners you set up in your GMB dashboard system. Unknown Managers and Owners may be making updates without you knowing. If you see a Published Updates on your GMB, then make sure to immediately check your dashboard to approve/disapprove any edits made. 

If you have any questions about your GMB listing, reach out to Apartment SEO and schedule a call, so we can personally review your GMB listings and become your Marketing Partner today. Submit your website for your Free GMB/SEO Analysis today.

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