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Nothing is more challenging than having a slow, off-brand, or not fully optimized website. Any given web page’s speed plays a critical role in a website’s user experience and could ultimately lead to a prospective resident leasing with your competitor instead. Many website owners still give priority to sophisticated website design instead of focusing on website performance. Keep reading to find out what factors could be affecting you. 

Factors That Might Be Slowing You Down

It does not matter how fantastic your community is if your webpage is slow or not fully optimized. A second delay will reduce conversions, leading to less user engagement and a lower click-through rate. While keeping the importance of your website’s speed in mind, we have listed some components that can potentially slow down your website:

  • Online ads are one of the primary ways to monetize a website; however, there can compromise the speed of your website.
  • Choosing a poor web host is also a significant issue. When web hosts cannot keep up with the demand, there is a chance that your website will slow down; consider switching your web host in this case.
  • Elaborate web pages often lead to slower speeds as well. Videos and music are excellent sources of content, however, additional codes to a web page can affect overall load speed.
  • Many widgets and plugins are helpful features, but they can slow down the speed. The more widgets and plugins you install, the more time it requires to load – it even tends to compromise your site’s security, so we recommend using page speed tests weekly.
  • Uploading large images on your website slows it down. You can trim their size before they are being uploaded.
  • It is difficult for visitors’ browsers to cache the content locally if the headers are not configured, requiring extra load time. 

Optimizing Slower Web Pages

There are many ways to optimize website performance, and you can utilize various tools to ensure a speedy web page. Here are some ways to get started.

  1. Test website speed: There are many free tools that you can use to test the website’s speed. Some are Web Page Analyzer, Load Impact, Pingdom, and P3.
  2. Optimize images: Make sure your images are in small file sizes before you upload them; otherwise, it may take longer to upload.
  3. Minimize the number of plugins: Deactivate and remove all the unnecessary plugins that may cause your site to slow down.
  4. Content delivery network: You must use a content delivery network if your website represents vast data; this uses a more comprehensive data network placed strategically in different locations to deliver web content to visitors.
  5. Choose a reliable host: This is one of the most effective ways to ensure optimal performance of your website in terms of speed. Choose the right web host plan to boost website performance. A cheap host plan may be good initially and seem the right option, but it costs a lot in the long run. Make sure you go for a trusted web host with several hosting plans.


It is essential to ensure a speedy website to maintain conversions. Your property may not reach or receive engagement without an optimal website where users rely more on a functional and branded page. Our Webhosting team at Apartment SEO is here to help you brand your property’s website and optimize it to the fullest. Let your website create more leads and leases today! Give our team a call for a free consultation.


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