.Many social platforms offer a variety of content for users, which is why you need your audience to engage with your brand by explicitly utilizing a Call-to-Action (CTA). A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a great tip that also creates a sense of urgency towards your intended audience that can convert clicks into potential residents! Organize your marketing strategy so that it drives maximum users to your website and converts into customers. 

A CTA is a nudge for engaging with your social media posts or participating in an event or special offer in your community. Taking advantage of your social platform by branding your property provides excellent results! It helps if you advise your audience to take action on your site and your social media, thereby enhancing your conversion rate overall.

But, creating a successful call-to-action that converts is no easy feat. However, this article outlines the steps to create an opportunistic CTA with a higher click rate and examples of brands implementing it the right way.



We are certain that everyone has seen push buttons. Most platforms have “Read More,” “Take me there,” “Learn More,” and other such versions on multiple websites, prompting for action. This kind of CTA is a button that leads you to the specific type of website/platform intended to be sought out.

CTA’s inspire your audience to engage with your content. Encourage your users to take actions such as clicking a button, following, liking, sharing, and commenting. 


The Importance of a CTA in Social Media

If no one is taking action from your CTA’s in your posts, then at best, you are accomplishing brand awareness. However, you are not engaging with your community. We all know how important brand awareness is valuable within SEO marketing strategies. Did you know it is also pivotal to ensure your audience regularly interacts with your content? Having your audience interact with your posts will aid in receiving a higher rate of potential residents. That means turning your passive viewers into active participants. Ask yourself with every content you are putting out, “Who will benefit from my content, and what would aid them in viewing my property?” Analyze the type of language you are using (elevated, casual, relaxed), as well as the goals you have for your campaigns. 


The key takeaway here, you should never stop marketing after a post. So, try experimenting with a variety of posting times and copy lengths to see the best results. Regularly analyze your social media posts to know what content is best for your property and what needs development. We at ApartmentSEO® thrive in driving more traffic to your website. We thrive on enhancing your SEO strategy through our social media services! Give us a call for a free consultation on your social media and SEO strategy today!