Ranking In The Top 35 Best Places to Work in Multifamily For Women

best places to work in multifamily in 2022

What It Means To Rank The Top 50 Working within the multifamily industry is an easy task, with leading ladies here to mentor. We are given the necessary guidance to perform at our best. The workforce is stronger and fiercer than ever before. With the aid of the Multifamily Leadership, we can recognize the top […]

Multifamily Will March On

Multifamily Will March On

During times like these, it is easy enough to fall victim to fear and anxiety about the future, but if there is one thing you don’t need to worry about, it’s the multifamily industry. While remaining sympathetic to all other industries, it is essential to take the time to be thankful that you work in […]

Apartment Lead Generation with Message Extensions

When it comes to gathering leads through Google Adwords, some of the more popular conversion KPI’s are calls and emails. Times are changing with the rise of mobile and texting. Google recently released a new Ad Extension to help with enticing searchers to text your community, so you can engage with them via text at […]

Boost Your Apartment Communities SEO with These 9 Action Steps

1) Focus on keywords that are semantically tied to apartments. These words include living, home, life, loft, residents, residences, residential, renovated and many more. This will help you avoid keyword stuffing in Google’s eyes and increase the quality of your content overall. 2) Make your content shareable with others in the Multifamily Industry through a […]