We get it, SEO can be a hard topic to completely grasp, especially if you don’t fully understand the inner-workings of the internet. So, to help you develop a better understanding of SEO, we have created this series to give you a basic explanation of this concept, but in terms you will definitely understand as leasing professionals.  


Let’s Get Started

In part one, we will be covering organic vs paid traffic as well as Google-bots! So, to make this example work, let’s make “your property” equivalent to “your website,” and the “leasing market” equivalent to “the internet.” 


Organic vs Paid SEO

Now during the leasing process, you want to get as many people to your property as possible, right? The more prospective residents you have, the better! So, one way to get people to visit your property is to pay for advertising such as commercials, website ads, park bench ads, etc.; but this is money coming out of your pocket to bring residents in, inorganically.

Another way to attract potential residents to your property is through organic appeal or what you would call, “curb appeal”. Let’s say someone is driving past your complex and they notice how beautiful your property is and all the smiling faces. As a result, they will want to visit just as much, if not more, than someone who saw a park bench advertisement. Organic traffic online works exactly the same way. It’s important to brand your property with the right look and feel so that your ideal residents will click their way through your website and into your leasing office.


Secret Shoppers

As a leasing professional, you are aware of secret shoppers who stop by your complex for a tour, simply for the purpose of rating the experience and ensuring Fair Housing compliance. You don’t know when to expect them or even necessarily what they are looking for, but you know to prepare for them. Google-bots are a lot like secret shoppers. They crawl through the internet and across websites, scouring the information available and placing it at the forefront of Google. This is why you always want to keep your website up-to-date and user-friendly to make sure you are ready when the bots decide to stop by. 


So, just as you place much emphasis on curb appeal and leasing at your apartment community, this level of care should also be reflected in your website and SEO. And, don’t forget, always be prepared for secret shoppers! Check back soon for Part Two.