The High Risks of Cancelling SEO Services

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The High Risks of Cancelling SEO Services

SEO Services? Think marathon. Not a sprint.

When it comes to SEO, it’s a marathon. Nothing worth doing happens overnight. It takes hard work and commitment to ensure steady growth in organic rankings overall. Whether it’s performing content updates, making sure all your title tags and meta descriptions are fully updated with local keyword copy, or improving your websites performance, there are a variety of SEO related tasks that must be completed on-site and off-site.

Monitor your rankings on Google.

To see major traction on your SEO campaign you will need to constantly monitor your local rankings on Google. When you cancel SEO Services you’ll be turning a blind eye to how your website is performing on all major search engines. Then when you’re really hurting for traffic and want to reactivate your SEO campaign, it will take another 3+ months to ramp back up to where it was before. The safe bet is to maintain your SEO Services because you can track the ROI. As long as you track all your goals and conversions in Google Analytics, you should have a clear idea as to which sources of traffic are converting and which ones are not. Then you can reallocate funds to other Digital Marketing efforts based on your data driven metrics. 

Even if your community is fully leased up at the moment, move outs can happen anytime. It’s better to future-proof your leasing by ensuring you can always be found online. Ranking in the top 20 positions of Google Organic and/or Google Maps will help bring in a good amount of local traffic year round. Once you stop focusing on SEO, and your competitors keep on trekking, it won’t take long to find yourself in a position where they out rank you; particularly when you need the leasing traffic most. 

What to Expect When You Cancel Your SEO Services

  • Google rankings and website traffic will start to fall
    • The first 30 days of cancelling your SEO Services, you may not notice a dip and might even continue to see some organic growth. However this is short lived because a fall in overall rankings is sure to occur due to the fact that on-site and off-site SEO updates are no longer happening on a continuous basis.
    • Another factor that will cause your local rankings to decline is the lack of fresh and relevant content being added to your site monthly
  • Your Competition didn’t cancel their SEO Services, so they will continue to see their organic rankings increase while your rankings become stagnant or fall off all together
  • Algorithm Changes and Updates
    • Google now processes more algorithm updates than ever before. 
    • When you cancel your SEO Services you’re no longer keeping up on the latest Google Algorithm updates to ensure you’re still in compliance and your website traffic wasn’t affected by algorithm changes.

The highest risk of all is losing your brand exposure. When you fail to keep improving your SEO you run the risk of not populating for your local keywords. Sure searchers who know your brand may find you quickly but the name of the game is to bring in new qualified users to your website. You lose this core benefit when you cancel your SEO Services. It’s vital to keep on top of your Local SEO campaign to ensure steady growth in website traffic over time. Don’t run the risk of missing out on traffic you should be getting from new qualified users ready to lease from your apartment community. 

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