Starting this year, Long Beach, home to ApartmentSEO® headquarters, has officially become one of the many cities taking part in Renter’s Day! This past week at a city council meeting, our Long Beach city council pledged their commitment to the community of renters, which make up more than half of Long Beach residents. These Long Beach residents contribute daily to the success and diversity of our city. As pledged by the council this past Wednesday, the third Wednesday of every April from this point onward will be a time of reflection; Long Beach as a whole evaluates what is being done to protect the rights and needs of their renters.

We’re proud of the work that our city council is doing and support them in their dedication to our renting community. As members of this community, we are always looking for ways to contribute to its overall growth and will be working with the council with anything they could possibly need moving forward. Congrats to Long Beach renters on making a difference in their community!