Keyword marketing can be frustrating. One minute you are told to use a specific keyword or phrase as much as possible, then next thing you know, Google is negatively impacting your SEO due to keyword stuffing or spamming. With so much on your plate as a property manager, the last thing you want to worry about is your targeted keywords. Lucky for you, when you have ApartmentSEO® on your side, we can do the work for you and lift some of the weight off your shoulders. 


Understand Intent

Broad keywords can be useful, but they can sometimes be too widespread for your particular campaign. First, start by determining the user intent; this can typically be broken into three categories: Do, Know, and Go. The “do” wants to make a purchase, the “know” wants to find out information, and the “go” needs to get somewhere. Since this can vary when it comes to apartment leasing, it’s essential to consider an additional category called “investigation” since a prospect will want to find out more information or tour before leasing. So, let’s put this into practice! If a “doer” were to search on Google, you would want to target key phrases like “Application for Apartment Rental.” A “knower” would search for something like “Apartment Prices in “City, State,” and a “Goer” would search for something such as “Apartment Near Me” or “Apartment in City, State.” 


Match Keywords to Location

Next, consider which keywords will be used where. Not every aspect of your website is equally suited for every keyword, so dig deeper into which page will cover each category. For example, the Contact Us page is for the “Goers” who are ready to visit or make that call while the “Apply Here” page is for the “Doers.” Of course, some keywords will overlap, but you will generally find that those are the broader terms. 


Put Yourself In Prospects’ Shoes

You know your property from head to toe and know what to search to have it pulled up specifically, but not everyone is as familiar. So consider your keywords from a different perspective. What would you search for if you were looking for an apartment, perhaps “Apartments in “City, State” or “1 Bedroom Apartment Near Me.” People might be familiar with your community but may not know the exact name, so don’t only target your community name or exact location. 


The best way to ensure your keywords are ranking, is to work with a team that knows the industry like the back of their hand. Here at ApartmentSEO®, we can take the guesswork out of keywords and implement our proven results. Have any questions about keyword marketing? Share them with us in the comments below.