Spending too much on your Google Adwords Campaign for your apartments can be easy to do if you do not have your Google Pay Per Click Campaign set up properly. First and foremost one of the most common mistakes apartments make when setting up a Google Adwords Campaign is adding a  general keyword list not separated into different ad groups. If you have one bedroom apartments and 2 bedroom apartments it would be best to have them in their own ad groups.

Also adding a negative keyword list for your apartment related key words is just as important as adding a keyword list. Without a good negative key word list for your apartments campaign you are setting yourself up for failure because you will be paying for untargeted clicks that will consume most if not all of your daily budget. Take time to put together a list of negative keywords so you do not pay for unwanted clicks.

Check in your dimensions tab to see what keywords you are paying for and if you see one you do not want then add it to your negative keyword list. Make sure in your campaign settings you are also targeting the main geo -locations you serve. Do not expand your target area too far as this will not make for a user friendly experience.

Overall if you want to save money and increase your retuirn on investment let ApartmentSEO®, LLC provide you with a free consultation to learn more about our affordable ApartmentSEO® services. Allow our team to manage your Google Adwords PPC campaign for your apartments so you can just sit back and get ready for the calls!