In the fight to come out on top in Local SEO for your apartment, it is important to understand who your competition is. Some apartments think that the competition between an online presence and a neighboring apartment home are equal. The real truth is that the competition is not just with a neighboring apartment community, but with the king of search: Google.

Your goal is to gain better exposure in the search engine results pages (SERPs), which means competing against Google for better placement in search results. You must understand how digital assets appear in search and how to optimize your business in the local SERPs. Google will always return very specific content related to a user’s search, so you will be competing with similar apartment related pages that Google sees as serving that similar search intent.

Be sure you are always paying attention to any changes so you are able to respond and adapt quickly. Based on a search query, Google will define specific URLs as well as types of content that are returned. You can ensure better results for yourself and your apartment property if you understand the type of content Google returns in search results.