When it comes to tracking your rankings on Google, not all rank tracking tools are equal. Here at ApartmentSEO®, we are very proud of our rank tracker’s capabilities. Not only do we track Google Organic rankings but we also track Organic Mobile, Google Maps and Google Mobile Maps.

You’re probably asking yourself, so what’s the big deal? I am glad you asked! Most rank tracking tools only pull Google organic rankings which is definitely the most competitive SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Now with mobile taking over and another Google algorithm just released regarding mobile, it’s extremely important to track how you are ranking for mobile searches. Most multifamily websites have 60% to 70% mobile traffic and the percentage keeps getting bigger.

Now when it comes to tracking your Google map rankings this is just as important. Google local map results for apartments helps to bring a massive amount of website traffic to your community’s site. Without local results your apartment’s website would probably not have much of a chance to complete with the big boy ILS’s like Apartments.com, ApartmentList.com and ApartmentGuide.com.

When you utilize ApartmentSEO® for you online marketing, you can count on our ranking reports to track all your Google rankings. Whether it’s organic, mobile or local maps, our ranking report will tell a great story. Don’t let your community’s rankings suffer because you are not in the know. Find out how your community website stacks up by contacting ApartmentSEO® today for your Free SEO Analysis!