Inventive Ways to Increase Social Engagement


While social media is now one of the most lucrative and useful means to engage your audience, it still proves difficult to figure out. Some campaigns soar while others just flop. While the relatively new world of social media marketing is overwhelmingly confusing, don’t worry! We’ve compiled some time-tested tips to increase your social engagement.

Post regularly – The trick to this is to not post excessively or infrequently across all your preferred social platforms. Through rigorous A/B testing, the magic number comes out to 3 posts a week. Just remember to make your posts interesting and relevant!

Share other content – This is a sure-fire way to bring more exposure to your apartment community. By sharing 3rd party content, the chances of improving your visibility significantly increase. As an added bonus, other websites or businesses you have tagged are more likely share your content and posts in return.

Entice engagement – It’s crucial to captivate your audience with your content. With that said, make sure to avoid any yes or no question and to always keep the conversation going. This is easily accomplished by leaving comments with open-ended questions.

Learn what works – This is where analytics will be your best friend. Study the analytics provided by Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to see which posts have been successful and which posts fell flat. Turn your most successful content into paid social to get the best return on your investment.

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