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Google, as well as other search engines, use a variety of ranking factors to determine the relevance of a search inquiry. Some known factors include content and its uniqueness, device friendliness, and social sharing or engagement. Consumer reviews, considered to be fresh, user-generated content, can boost your organic SEO results and help you Turn Your Reviews into Revenue.

While this information may not be news, you may be wondering how to generate more reviews for your business. Here you will find some helpful tips to generate reviews, build your reputation, and turn your Likes into Leases.

The motivation behind sharing an online review is an effort to collectively help other consumers make purchase decisions based on real-life experiences. Oftentimes, a consumer’s experience is dictated by value, quality of the product, and quality of service. These are all factors we can consciously contribute to, in a positive way, to sway the best experiences possible and generate more positive reviews.


10 Tips for Generating More Reviews:

  1. Ask for a review after each interaction. i.e., “Would you mind sharing your experience on…?” works great!
  2. Always provide quality products and exemplary service.
  3. Ask your vendors and partners for reviews too!
  4. Request “Leave us a Review” stickers from Yelp or Google and place them in high traffic areas.
  5. Leave review request cards at the business, asking people to share their experience.
  6. Add hyperlinks to all email correspondence, directing people to your review sites.
  7. Listen to feedback and take corrective action. Follow up with customers on mentioned concerns, actions taken, and remedies made.
  8. Host Social Media contests to increase business engagement.
  9. Provide a link on your website that directs customers to leave a review for your business on a public platform.
  10. Maintain a database of customer contact information for resident surveys.

5 Tips for Delivering Exemplary Service:

  1. Greet your customer with an authentic smile and a tone of gratitude.
  2. Listen to their needs while giving your undivided attention.
  3. Under promise and over deliver whenever possible. Go the extra mile to express customer appreciation.
  4. Thank each customer for their business, every time!
  5. Ask them to share their experience with others on a public consumer platform, such as Google, Facebook, or Yelp.

Please remember, it is important to never incentivize asking for a review as this could generate unauthentic ratings and could potentially violate a platform’s policy. However, delivery quality and value in your product and customer service is simply not enough, it is essential to establish an online reputation management strategy and incorporate asking for reviews as part of your daily routines.


Lucky for you, Apartment SEO is a leader in the industry and offers a robust line of services and products to accommodate all your digital marketing needs, including handling your reputation and online reviews. Our team of highly dedicated professionals continues to deliver on our mission to turn your reviews into revenue and your likes into leases. Contact us today, to hear some of our testimonials and receive a complimentary marketing analysis.

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