The online world is changing fast and sometimes too fast for us to keep up with and the only way we can do so is by constantly updating our knowledge on how things are developing with Google and the other search engines.

Every SEO’s goal is getting found online not lost in the noise of thousands of apartments. The main foundations for an effective SEO strategy has not changed in the course of the year, but has indeed developed into something fresh and new. Now success in SEO is based on the combination of having great content, credible links, and social signals.

Each task is compliment to another and the content as the first part has many criteria to follow and live up to. The content and structure has to have the following:  keyword research, local content optimization, user experience, site design, and the presence of a blog with great content that’s updated frequently, in order for it to be more effective and more appealing to its geo location.

Another is Inbound Links (link building). Your links has to be reliable and relevant to the website so it’s not considered spam. Also the more linking domains you get with authority the more valuable your content becomes for search engines, thus making your webpage rank higher in search results. More likes, shares, tweets or retweets can also build social trust causing your page to rank higher, which will bring more traffic and potential leads.

For many years now Social Media has been considered one of the most important tasks for SEO, but even today it still hasn’t been used to its full potential. There was even a time when Social Media was thought to make SEO obsolete, but in reality it’s now the biggest driver to help with SEO efforts with sites like foursquare, pinterest and Google Plus really taking the lead.

It also took a while for traditionalists to understand the true benefits of social media as they were more into organic search engine marketing techniques, but social media does more than ensuring your company is keeping up with the times. Social media gives companies an edge in interacting new customers, building their brand, and creating a community, while also driving traffic to their website. Social Media is starting to transform SEO by making it faster, more precise and engaging. We are constantly learning new benefits of Social Media while enhancing SEO strategies for our clients’ apartments.

It is no longer enough to focus only on one or two strategies for search engine marketing. Now
you must provide a combination of Social SEO strategies to reach all your goals. Each of these elements compliments the other and failing to use one of them will effectively make your SEO strategy obsolete.