Google Head of Search Responds to Biggest Myths of SEO


Matt Cutts of Google responded to a question regarding SEO myths in a recent video. Reviewing a few of the biggest myths of SEO, he explained his own insight based on his 13 year history with Google.
Cutts explained that one of the major misconceptions is the reasoning behind Google’s updates and changes. The goal is not to make more money or drive people to buy ads or deter people from buying ads. The goal is to continue providing a good experience for users, which would be returning the best possible searches. “Happy users are loyal users,” he said.
The other major SEO myth he elaborates on is the phenomenon of group ideas. “Never be afraid to think for yourself,” he encouraged. If you find something that works, then you should stick to it. You should use caution when considering any available tools recommended by someone who “made it big.”

Chances are that if they really had found a loophole, they would have just continued with it and made their own profit rather than selling it to the public in the latest eBook or software. The biggest tip he offered was to do your best to align yourself with Google’s goals. Otherwise you are not only in opposition to Google’s algorithms but, more importantly, every user to visit the site.

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