Google News: Who Wants to Strive for Average? Not us!

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Google is saying goodbye to Average Position Google Ads

No one has ever put “Strive for Average,” on their goal list, so we’re thinking it’s time to bounce back from this latest Google update without too much fanfare. Google recently announced they are saying goodbye to the Average Position Google Ads, effective September 30, 2019. Google’s definition of an average position ad is “A statistic that describes how your ad typically ranks against other ads. This rank determines in which order ads appear on the page.”

Google has introduced four new metrics that should lend a great deal more clarity to how your apartment community ad is performing: “Impression (Absolute Top) %,” “Impression (Top) %,” “Search Absolute Top Impression Share” and “Search (Top) IS.”

Impression Percentage Metrics show when and where ad impressions display above the organic results. Impression Share Metrics show the share of impressions for top-of-page impressions, above the organic results.

Now the goal is to implement the necessary changes to reporting rules or scripts that use the average position so we can ensure your community ad reporting is accurate, and is always performing at its optimum capability.

Really, specificity in metrics makes more sense for managing your ad’s success than the murky “average position” because it gives us the opportunity to further refine those ads for best placement. With better clarity, we are better informed as to which ads are driving the most leases.

Because user search habits are always evolving, as online marketers, we must also evolve. So when it comes to striving for average, we’re ready to let that go in favor of clarity…and increased leases! As an official Google Partner, our goal is to keep you informed and in the know about how Google changes impact your community marketing.

-Your Friends at Apartment SEO

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