“Property manager” is so much more than just a title! You are the heart and soul of your community, and every decision you make is for the good of both your on-site team and the residents. While residents may come and go and changes are made to the property, one thing remains the same – your talent as a property manager. But not anyone can be a successful property manager; this position takes skill, understanding, and patience, all of which you have mastered. Keep reading to discover the character traits of a successful property manager. 


Detail Oriented

Let’s face it – as a property manager, you deal with residents, leasing agents, local laws, maintenance, vendors, and more details than we can list. So, it’s a good thing you are a detail-oriented person. For a multifamily community to thrive, every penny and every resident needs to be accounted for. From your lease agreements to your files, everything needs to be in tip-top shape. And while you are always needed at your property, things should be so detail-oriented that should you step away for a vacation, someone can hop in and know exactly what units are vacant, what work orders need completing, and whose rent you are still waiting on.


Great Communication

Communication is key as a property manager. On a daily basis, you talk to just about anyone from residents and employees to prospects and past tenants. Although anyone can fake it till they make it, a successful property manager enjoys communicating with people and takes a sincere interest in ensuring that everyone is happy with their home. Plus, you serve as the line of communication between your on-site team and corporate, so you need to convey any issues from your front line to the higher-ups. If you are timid or uncommunicative, the lack of communication can cause things to get lost in the shuffle leading to an utter disconnect amongst the team. 


Compassionate and Professional

Housing is a necessity, and when tenants struggle to pay their rent, it’s your responsibility to collect it in a professional but compassionate manner. No one wants to receive an eviction notice on their front door, and some people simply can’t pay the late fee on top of their already missing rent. Compassion goes a long way in helping your residents. Keep in mind that if they are already struggling, the last thing they want is to deal with a robotic individual repeatedly asking for rent money. Tenants aren’t just a number; they are people, the people keeping you in business, and if you can offer them anything, let it be your compassion and professionalism. While you have a job to do, you also owe it to your residents to hold up your end of the bargain and see what you can do for them, whether it be to offer your understanding or an extension on their rent. 


Property management is such a rewarding field to get into, and as a manager, you know the long road that got you exactly where you are. Nonetheless, it is always important to remind yourself of the characteristics that make you perfect for the job. While you manage your community with pride and professionalism, ApartmentSEO® will handle your online presence. Have any questions? Share them with us in the comments below.