ASEO Case Study for Social Media Ads in Santa Rosa, CA

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September 2020 To March 2021

Client’s Story

We had an existing client located in Santa Rosa, CA. They had a lease-up community in need of stabilization. Due to local wildfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, the client was desperate to fill in their vacancies. After giving Organic SEO + Google Ads a try for the first 6 months of their contract with ASEO they needed an extra boost for web traffic. In September of 2020, they added Facebook/Instagram traffic ads. 


The challenge they faced was a lack of foot traffic coming through the door & empty units. Within this year there were local wildfires that destroyed land surrounding the community and then the COVID-19 pandemic hit shortly thereafter.


Apartment SEO recommended including a Social Media ad campaign to help boost their overall traffic in addition to their Organic SEO & Google Ads. This strategy helped complete the package.

By incorporating a mix of both paid Social Media and organic SEO, we were able to get the community in a stabilized position and their leasing trend did a complete 180 within 6 months. 


Facebook + Instagram Impressions Averaged 7600+ per Month

The Average CPM (Cost per 1k Impressions) was $14.62

Average CPC month-to-month $.30

Average CTR month-to-month 3.55% 

Average Clicks per month 432


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