A Business Center is More Essential Than Ever Before

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While it may feel like we have been in quarantine forever, we are just almost a year into it! In many areas, life is seemingly back to normal minus some mask restrictions, while in other regions, stay-at-home orders are still in effect. Regardless of whether or not your life is still directly being affected by the pandemic, there are still many people working and schooling remotely who don’t feel comfortable going back in public even if things are now open. It is due to this reason that a business center is more essential than ever before in multifamily communities. Keep reading to find out how you can take advantage of this fantastic amenity. 


Simple Setup

A business center doesn’t require too much work to get it up and running, plus you more than likely already have everything you need in storage. If you have a large clubhouse or community center, you can simply dedicate part of the space to the business center setup. Go through your storage and see if you have any old computers or printers that residents can utilize. If so, two or three computers and one printer is a great lineup. You will also want to make a placard with the WiFi information so that residents can bring their own laptops if they wish to do so.


Happy Residents

This amenity will lead to increased resident satisfaction because it shows that you listen and understand their specific needs. Often, residents can feel like they are simply a rent payment and nothing more to the leasing staff, and it’s essential to remind them that you care. Even something as simple as extending the hours of the business center or setting up a new computer can go a long way in improving resident satisfaction. 


Easy Maintenance

A business center is one of the easiest amenities to maintain. To ensure safety at all times, it’s best to have people either schedule time in the center or offer a signup sheet at the door; that way, your staff can go in and clean after every use. You might have to put in a bit of work during setup to ensure that you block certain websites or install a program that deletes downloads and plugins at the end of each use. Also, be sure to have some type of surveillance in the area and locked doors to ensure that nothing gets stolen or utilized by non-residents. 


Now that you know how simple yet necessary a business center is, it’s time to set yours up! Do you have any questions about this essential amenity? Ask away in the comments below. 


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