What the MultiFamily Industry Missed at NamesCon Domain Conference in Las Vegas, NV

NamesCon Las Vegas

NamesCon Las Vegas is the first Domain Conference of its kind. In only its 2nd year of being the official Conference for the Domain Industry, they have managed to double the amount of attendees from the previous year. There is so much going on in the world of domains. These include new TLD’s, different ways to monetize sites and how to price domains for the aftermarket.

One of the cooler sessions was their live domain auction, where the attendees and the internet bid on domains for sale for this special event. The most interesting domain auction to me was the i.Rent domain because I thought it would be a great domain to develop into an Apartment ILS. To my amazement the domain sold for $9,000 and in my eyes that was a steal.

I wondered to myself if other multifamily companies or major apartment ILS’s were in the crowd or keeping up online. I highly doubt there was any interest for this conference in the multifamily arena and that’s why I am glad to be able to represent Apartment SEO to bring this information back to the multifamily industry.

The most important topic I wish to discuss is about the new TLD’s (Top Level Domains). There are quite a few new domain extensions. Some are as follows: .Services, .Plumbing, .Builld, .Space and so many more.The ones I want to bring to your attention are going to shake up the multifamily world and become very popular over the next few years. These multifamily domain extensions are: .Rentals, .Rent, .Lease and .Apartments. Now you should be able to find the right domain name you want for your community without a problem as long as you lock it in now.

If you need help finding the right domain for your apartment community, let Apartment SEO help you today. We take great pride in selecting high quality domains, so you can build the brand you want.


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