The Best Events to Host While Social Distancing

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Now that some restrictions have been lifted across the country, you may be eager to host an event for your residents to help raise their spirits; this is an excellent idea that can be easily executed while still maintaining social distance. Keep reading to discover the best events to host while social distancing.


Food Truck Event

Invite a food truck to serve their delicious bites outside of your leasing office; this is an excellent way for residents to experience great food near home while maintaining social distance. You can send a memo with designated times for each building to ensure that too many people aren’t gathered around the truck.

Drive-In Theatre

Do you have a large parking lot at your property? Consider having a drive-in movie night for your residents; this can be achieved by projecting a film onto the side of a building or a large screen. Encourage everyone to stay within their vehicles and enjoy the show! 


Social Distance Talent Show

There are undoubtedly some very talented people within your community! Find out who wants to participate, then organize a time and date for them to set up shop outside the leasing office to perform for the other residents. If they’re going to sing or play guitar, encourage the use of amps and speakers so that viewers can stay far enough away while still enjoying their performance. This event can also be done over Zoom for added safety precautions! 


Scavenger Hunt

Encourage your residents to get out and about by hosting a scavenger hunt! Each person that signs up can have a specific time frame to explore the property. Simply come up with fun trivia questions and have them take pictures once they figure it out. Offer a fun reward for the winner like a gift card or free lunch to encourage participation. 


So, as you start to plan your first event, keep these ideas in mind. Have any other ideas for events to host while social distancing? Share them with us in the comments below. 

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