The Rise of Visual Searching for Apartments


The way prospective residents are searching for apartments is going to shift drastically over the next few years. Welcome to The Rise of Visual Searching for Apartments. Users will focus more on real-world or 3d rendered images, including photographs, videos, PDFs, screenshots, and other web images. Today’s visual search tech generally uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) machine learning […]

The ASEO Cyborg


Humans In our new digital world, where most “social time” is spent online, it can be easy to lose sight of those authentic moments that make us human. We live in a world where Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation, and robots are starting to take over every aspect of our lives. From Tesla’s self-driving cars, Amazon’s […]

Importance of Understanding Your Performance Metrics


Trying to achieve more traffic for your website, but constantly falling short? Look into different performance metrics that will allow you to create stronger and more qualified leads. Start by looking at bounce rates, click-through rates, and pages per session to ensure your content is even relevant for the search queries you are using.  Bounce […]