Google’s Helpful Content Update

It’s official, Google’s Helpful Content Update is finally live and is Google’s way of focusing on people first content. When creating content or any type of digital experience, ask yourself these questions (especially when creating an apartment website): Do you have an existing or intended audience for your business or a site that would find […]

Google Forwarding Numbers and Your Apartment Ads

November 2014 marks another update from Google. Local numbers will soon be able to be used for call extensions through Google forwarding numbers. These forwarding numbers will appear on your apartment ads, showing the same area code or regional area code as your own local business phone number. The perks: People are much more likely […]

Google Authorship is Now Extinct

John Mueller of Google Webmaster Tools recently released a statement through his Google+ of Google’s removal of authorship in search results. After three years and much testing, updating and tweaking, Mueller shared that “we’ve made the difficult decision to stop showing authorship in search results.” It was found that including authorship was neither helpful or harmful […]