As an apartment community, you may be wondering how exactly social media plays a role in your marketing campaign. Well, it plays a significant role! Social media keeps the world connected. Whether you are an individual with family members across the country, a small business connecting with prospective customers, or an apartment community keeping its residents in the loop, social media impacts your life. So, utilize it for the greater good. Here’s how:


Show Off

You have some fantastic photos of your property, but on your website, they sit stagnantly. Social media provides you with a platform to share your images for the world to see. Plus, the pictures that you share on your website should be strictly professional and ever-green; however, you can share fun images on Facebook and Instagram that show a more relaxed side. 

Offer Apartment Living Tips

When it comes to apartment living, you are the pro. Share your expertise with your residents by offering lifestyle tips and advice. Over the years, you have seen decor that works well and some, not so much. You have seen people lose their deposit, and others walk away with the entire thing. Offer words of wisdom. Your residents will appreciate it. 


Post Testimonials

No matter how much good stuff you have to say about your community, prospective residents are more likely to trust the words of previous tenants. So, share some testimonials and share them with pride! Turn a quote into a beautiful graphic and share it across your social media platforms. 


Promote Events

Keep your residents in the loop about upcoming events! Not everyone comes by the leasing office to see your flyers, and some of your leasing offices may still be closed. Utilize your social media platforms to advertise your apartment and its events. 


So, although you can and should use social media to promote your community, there are many other reasons to take advantage of it, such as to show off, offer tips, post testimonials, and promote events. What else do you use your social platforms for? Let us know in the comments below.