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Remember, sharing is caring; especially when it comes to searching, ranking, and above all, crawling. Though these sound like steps in an obstacle course, it’s actually the tasks of the all-mighty Googlebot. Before we bow down at the feet of the all knowing Google program, we need to ask, what in the world is a Googlebot?

Short answer, Googlebot is a software created for crawling the web. Long answer, it’s a program created by Google; not an actual robot. Apologies for killing any visions you had of a futuristic droid flying through cyberspace with the sole mission of indexing the internet. This program crawls through huge amounts of code and essentially puts the internet in order.

Quick question, how does it index the internet? Simple! Googlebot locates new and edited content by searching and following links.

How do I attract the illusive Googlebot?

To catch the attention and attraction of the mighty crawler, you need to harness and tame meta robot tags! Once again, not a large, shiny piece of metal saying, “destroy all humans.” Instead, meta robot tags tell search engines what to follow and what not to follow, via simple code placed in the heading of your webpage.  

Meta robot tags help the Googlebot know what to index and what to focus on in a search. This is one of the many reasons we include seemingly obvious details in apartment headlines. These obvious detailsthink “Pet Friendly Apartments in Portland”allow the Googlebot to pick out the most important factorsi.e. Pet friendly, Apartment, Portlandand index the web page accordingly.

Another way to attract a crawling Googlebot: make sure your page isn’t disallowing URLs and those URLs are included in the sitemap. Don’t know what that is or how to do it? Leave the heavy lifting to us.

We’re Here to Raise You Up

If you’re having problems reeling in a Googlebot, we’re here. We’ve got you. Apartment SEO can customize your site with all the meta robot tags a Googlebot desires. Additionally, we can ensure all internal links are anchored by relevant content showing Google what is important, what to follow, and what to index.

We also understand the importance of mobile-first indexing. By optimizing your website for all mobile platforms, you can rest easy knowing future renters can find you; no matter what device they’re on.

I Like Engaging Content and I Cannot Lie

Now that your site is indexed and renters are visiting, you need to give them a reason to come back! The best way to retain readership is to provide relevant content that’s engaging, educational and entertaining. Don’t let them leave so easily though, put a prominent Call to Action (CTA) on your site. Examples of effective CTAs are, “learn more,” “call now,” or “schedule a tour.”

This is one of the many ways we optimize your site so you can attract leads and turn them into leases.

Want to attract a Googlebot? Have more questions? Give us a call (CTA!) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

-Your Friends at Apartment SEO

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