Are You Talkin’ to Me? Voice Search Recognition Trends and SEO

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It used to be when we noticed someone talking to themselves, we’d point to ourselves and ask, “I’m sorry, what? Are you talking to me?” Nowadays, it’s highly likely the person is actually using voice search and asking Google for directions or where the nearest Starbucks is.

Predominantly, voice searches have been mobile-based, but now there’s an emerging trend showing that 25% of all Windows 10 searches were done using voice search. Add this new trend to smart speakers, Google Home and Amazon, and it may become near impossible to know when someone is talking to us – or their device. But not to worry, we’re still talking – and we’re talking to you about the Voice Search Revolution and SEO!

As the voice search trend continues to rise, we must adapt our SEO search criteria to go with the flow. How do we accomplish this?

First, we must recognize that the search itself is more conversational in nature and usually longer. So, instead of typing in “Apartments for rent. San Francisco,” a voice search might sound like, “Google, show me apartments for rent near downtown San Francisco.” Or, if you’ve just left one apartment tour of a downtown San Francisco apartment and you want to see others, you could say, “Show me apartments for rent near me,” while you’re driving.

To adapt to this change, we optimize your content to reflect the trend in 5+ word terms. Additionally, because Google is transforming into more of an answer engine–rather than a search engine–we seed your content with answers. For example, if the question is, “Which apartments allow pets in San Francisco?” the content would read, “Saint Regis Apartments is a pet-friendly community in San Francisco.”

Another technique is to utilize FAQ pages so it populates as an answer to a question and helps your page rank higher on Google. FAQ pages can cover everything from pet and parking policies to amenities and floor plan content like, “Will my apartment include a washer and dryer?” Answer: “Yes. Each of our apartment homes features a full-size washer and dryer.”

In summary, if your content is natural, relevant, and answer-oriented, you’re on trend with voice search. But don’t worry, we’re here to make sure your content is always on trend.

“Hey Google, tell our customers we’ve got their back on voice recognition SEO.”

We just wanted to see if you were listening – but seriously, we’re happy to talk to you in real time, in person or on the phone.

-Your Friends at Apartment SEO

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